Down track restored 17 hours after Hazara Express train accident

Trains are still stranded on way due to non-clearance of up track

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The down track was restored 17 hours after the Hazara Express train accident, while the trains were stranded on the way due to non-clearance of the up track.

After the train accident, despite the track not being cleared, trains were dispatched from Karachi.

Since the accident, Pakistan and Karakoram Express have been stopped, two at Kotri railway station and one train at Tando Adam railway station.

In this regard, railway officials say that traffic is being passed on the single line from Nawabshah to Sirhari, Due to the accident, Pakistan Express is delayed by 14 hours 30 minutes, Millat Express by 12 hours and Rehman Baba by 18 hours.

Karachi Express will be delayed by 12 hours, Pak Business by 13 hours, Karakoram Express by 13 and a half hours and Tezgam by 11 hours and 45 minutes.

Railway officials said that Farid Express is delayed by 11 hours, while Allama Iqbal Express will reach Lahore 11 hours late.

The bodies of 29 people killed in the accident of Hazara Express from Karachi to Rawalpindi have been identified and handed over to their families.

Railway officials said that 17 hours after the Hazara Express accident, the down track was restored, green line from Punjab to Karachi and Hazara Express were dispatched to Karachi.

Officials said work on the up track is also in full swing which will be restored soon.

The bodies of 18 of the 29 people have been sent to their homes after identification in different areas of Sindh.

At least 30 passengers were killed and more than 200 others injured when 10 bogies of the Hazara Express overturned near Sirhari railway station in Nawabshah yesterday.