Dr. Javed Akram blames political events, PSL for increased Covid cases

109 persons contracted coronavirus with countrywide positive rate of 2.05% during past 24 hours, NCOC

The Punjab health minister has blamed the increase on political events, particularly in Lahore, the Pakistan Super League (PSL) and other cultural activities while the National Command and Operation Center (NCOC) has advised wearing masks in crowded areas because to an increase in Covid-19 cases.

Dr. Javed Akram said that pandemic fatigue, a normal and anticipated reaction to a protracted public health emergency and variations in the coronavirus were partly to blame for increased instances as the effectiveness of existing vaccinations has decreased to about 60 percent from 90 percent earlier.

According to information made public by the NCOC on Saturday morning, 109 persons have contracted the coronavirus, with a countrywide positive rate of 2.05 percent during the past 24 hours. Up to 14 people had life-threatening conditions.

The center earlier this week advised wearing masks in busy, cramped areas and healthcare institutions. The rules were released for a time frame that ended on April 30 in consideration of the nation’s existing Covid-19 trend.

Dr. Akram, in an interview, said that the Omicron form of Covid-19 altered itself and became XBB 1.5, BQ 1.1, and BQ 1, which caused a spike in cases all across the world.

“In addition, we continue to use the vaccination that was created to combat the original infection. The virus has evolved over time, and the vaccine’s effectiveness against it is currently just 60%. Bivalent vaccinations have been introduced by Pfizer and Moderna, but they are not offered in Pakistan, he added.

As most people had their vaccinations more than six months ago, their immunity has also declined. The nation is also suffering from pandemic weariness, which prevents them from taking preventative steps, he claimed. Dr. Akram advised people to use masks and steer clear of crowded areas.

Regrettably, Covid-19 instances have also been influenced by political actions, particularly in Lahore. On the other hand, he said that additional factors contributing to the virus’ spread include the PSL and other social events.

He said that the current vaccinations were less effective against the virus’s novel strains, while it was unclear if the virus’s virulence had risen or not.

In addition, Dr. Akram noted that a number of Pakistanis suffered from diabetes and high blood pressure, making them more susceptible to the infection. If someone hadn’t received a booster shot or vaccination in the previous six months, he advised that they get themselves immunized.


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