Dr. Waleed Malik still unemployed despite receiving 29 Gold Medals

    Dr Waleed malik still jobless
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    Dr. Waleed, who made history by earning an impressive 29 gold medals during his MBBS studies, is currently unemployed.

    Despite graduating from Ameeruddin Medical College Lahore and achieving the remarkable feat of winning 29 gold medals, Dr. Waleed Malik is currently unable to secure employment. This situation sheds light on the difficulties faced by highly qualified individuals in their job search.

    During a question-answer session on his Instagram account, Dr. Waleed Malik expressed his frustration about being jobless several months after completing medical school.

    He revealed that he applied to over twenty hospitals but has not received any job offers. He believes that appointments are being made based on favouritism rather than merit.

    According to Dr. Waleed Malik, job opportunities in the medical field are primarily determined by personal connections rather than qualifications, with favouritism comprising 99% of the process and merit only accounting for 1%. He further added that the current system is irreparable, emphasizing the need for a fair selection process based solely on merit.

    This situation highlights the significance of establishing support systems and creating opportunities for deserving individuals like Dr. Waleed to contribute their skills to society.

    Previously, Dr. Waleed received a cash prize of Rs200,000 from the health minister, Abdul Qadir Patel, as recognition for his exceptional achievements.

    The health minister commended Dr. Waleed’s accomplishments and emphasized the importance of acknowledging and appreciating talented students like him, as they are valuable assets to the nation.

    Dr. Waleed’s remarkable success has garnered admiration and praise from people throughout Pakistan.

    Reflecting on his academic journey, he acknowledged the initial obstacles he faced but attributed his achievements to his determination, hard work, and personal growth over time.

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