Dr. Zareen Roohi Ahmed refutes news of her being appointed as advisor to King Charles

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    Dr. Zareen Roohi Ahmed, the British Pakistani entrepreneur and CEO of Gift Wellness Ltd, has officially refuted the speculation surrounding her alleged appointment as an advisor to King Charles.

    In a statement shared on social media, Dr. Ahmed addressed the media frenzy surrounding the supposed role, asserting her steadfast dedication to her current position.

    She added, “I must set the record straight – I remain firmly planted as the Founder & CEO of Gift Wellness Ltd, and my dedication to wellness stays unswerving.”

    She expressed astonishment at the amount of time some individuals possess to fabricate such tales. Dr. Ahmed kindly requested that recipients of the whimsical story inform the sender of its fictional nature.

    she wrote, “In an era where ‘time is money’, it’s astonishing that some individuals possess a treasure trove of time to spin such tales.”

    The earlier reports had erroneously indicated that she would serve as an advisor to King Charles, offering her expertise in national and international matters.

    Furthermore, it was suggested that she would join the Private Secretary’s Office, providing counsel on constitutional, governmental, and political issues.

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