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Dreams indicate our ambitions, thoughts

'Scholars trace the dreams from people's day-to-day lives to dreamers' environments, and psychiatrists find emotional wounds behind the frightening dreams'

We often observe one person telling another person: “you can’t see such wonderful things in your thoughts or even in your dreams.” In Urdu, we say: “Tum yeh khawab o khiyal main nahein daikho gay.” It means that one can’t think about it in his life or dreams. But I wonder why I didn’t see charming and excellent dreams of palaces, high bureaucratic jobs, the celebration of top-class successes, piles of wealth, gold and gemstones, etc.

I repeat that I am talking about my dreams, and dreams symbolize our ambitions and suppressed thoughts. Yes, it is because I belong to a suppressed class that is not allowed to see such dreams, which are for the ruling elite only. But one thing is known to everyone that most of the people belonging to today’s elite class were not an elite class of yesterday; they were plunderers, corrupt officers or corrupt politicians, and ‘boot lickers.’

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Many people belonging to yesterday’s elite were not included in the elite of the day before yesterday. I couldn’t dream about the above luxuries because this bitter reality was fixed in my mind from my school days that honest and straightforward people in any service or walk of life are always pushed into a corner. Quick promotions and jobs of pump and show and with so many benefits are always for the ‘boot lickers’ and corrupt people. I believe that because it is the routine experience of the people of my social class. Today, I am telling some more of my dreams. Scholars trace the dreams from people’s day-to-day lives to dreamers’ environments, and psychiatrists find emotional wounds behind the frightening dreams. Nevertheless, people see all types of dreams in different environment/background.

As a school student, I also liked to write children’s stories and sometimes articles.
On some occasions, tired and confused about my topic, I slept and saw a dream that suggested a wonderful plot to my story or excellent arguments for my article. On this, I suddenly woke up, and with a paper and pen in my hands started writing again. On many occasions, my parents were disturbed and surprised by what happened, which compelled me to write at midnight. I never saw frightening dreams. But at one time, as a university student, I saw a surprising dream on quite normal days. I saw that in the open air, I was standing alone and looking towards the sky where there were many bright stars bigger than the usual, and I was worried about looking at least four or five planets much bigger than the moon, seemingly very close to the earth. In this dream, I didn’t find frightened people around.

I felt only one person standing beside me, looking in the skies. I was telling him that it is not an ordinary thing. It is the prelude to the day of judgment. These planets will disturb the gravity and path of the earth. The earth will collide with some other planet, and then the series of collisions will start, and creatures will witness what the prophets have told them. This dream is more than 50 years old; I don’t remember whether those moons were moving or not. But after seeing that, when I awake, I went outside on the ground and looked all around. Everything was right in the skies and the moon of the 14th night was shining bright. After this dream, I thought that perhaps this dream would show some negative results. But after spending half-century after it without a big war or disaster, one can conclude that a single man’s dreams can’t affect nations and humans.

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Now, about the dream, which came in installments. It also belongs to my life forty years back. I don’t remember its content now, but it was extraordinary because I saw it in installments on the same night. I was talking to someone at some green place when I was suddenly woken up by a family person. He asked me about something; after telling him that I had slept again and in the dream, I talked again to the same person about the same matter. After two hours again, I was awake for some reason. This time, I was up for about an hour. When I slept a third time, I started my dream again from the event I had left it for the second time. Like many other things, this serial dream took place only once in my life, but this also kept me astonished for many weeks.

Another strange dream was about General Zia-ul-Haq, a former military ruler. I met him in a dream after his death. I saw that there was a high water tank somewhere in Lahore. A small green lawn was attached to it in a half canal area, and the military ruler was sitting there in an ordinary chair. Another empty chair was also lying there. I said Salaam to General Zia, and he responded warmly by shaking my hand. Some sentences were uttered to ask about each other’s well being. And then I asked him: where are you nowadays, Sir. He said: I come here every day in my routine you can see me here any time. I said I wanted to interview you in detail; please give me your address. He gave me his telephone number and said: you can call me any time. The next morning when I woke up, I recalled that number was in my mind as fresh as told in the dream.

I taught my class and again came to my room; that telephone number was bubbling up in my mind. Unintentionally, my fingers started touching the phone keys. To my surprise, it was an actual phone number of a shop. They told me that it is a photographer’s shop located in Lahore’s Lakshmi Chowk. I told my friends about it, and everyone was surprised. Some of them believed that General Zia might give this phone number as a tip to reach his murderers. This phone number given by General Zia remained the talk of the town for many months.



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