Drone carrying drugs crashes in Lahore

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A new method of drug transportation took a modern turn when a drone transporting illegal drugs crashed in Lahore.

According to authorities, the crashed drone was carrying approximately 6kg of heroin and it fell near Balloki Kahna in Rasoolpura.

The drone descended onto agricultural land owned by an individual named Rozdar.

Law enforcement stated that the drone was unusually large and contained heroin as an illicit substance. The street value of the seized drugs, weighing 6kg, is estimated to be worth millions of rupees.

The police promptly confiscated both the drugs and the drone, initiating an investigation to determine the operator’s identity and the drone’s origin.

Video footage revealed a hexacopter model. Similar drones with six rotors can carry payloads of up to 5kg.

The footage also displayed yellow packets attached to the drone.