Dua Bhutto withdraws application for divorce

I’ve shifted from Malir to Old Karachi, want to withdraw petition due to the transfer, Dua’s plea

Member Sindh Assembly Dua Bhutto has withdrawn her application filed for divorce from her husband Haleem Adil Sheikh.

Last month Dua filed a petition in the Malir Family Court for divorce.

“I have shifted from Malir to Old Karachi and I want to withdraw the petition from this court due to the transfer,” she said. Malir Family Court dismissed the case at the request of Dua Bhutto.

It may be recalled that Dua Bhutto had taken the stand in the petition that there were many reasons on the basis of which she did not want to live with Adil Sheikh anymore.

Haleem Adil Sheikh had termed Dua Bhutto’s move as revenge against him. He has said that it seemed that all this has been done under fear or conspiracy. He also said that he did not think that this would happen.

Haleem Adil Sheikh married Dua Bhutto in 2018 but the marriage was announced in 2021. Dua is the second wife of Haleem Adil Sheikh. The couple has a one-year-old son.


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