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Dua Zahra marriage registrar arrested

In a major development late Wednesday night, police arrested marriage registrar Qari Hafiz Ghulam Mustafa, who officiated the nikah of Dua Zahra.

As per reports, Ghulam belongs to Samanabad area of Lahore.

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Police told MinuteMirror that he registered a bogus nikah of the minor girl. Police took him to an unknown place for interrogation.

In another event, Sindh Police arrested one Asghar Ali, witness to the marriage. The court has approved his physical remand for two days. He was presented in Model Town Courts. Later, police took him to Karachi.

Earlier, the young girl released a new video, saying that she is very happy with her in-laws and wanted to stay with them. She also said that people are harrasing her and her husband while Sindh Police is also trying to disturb them despite the fact that they have court orders that allow them to live together. Zahra emphasized that she is 18 years old and feels safe with her husband.



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