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Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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Dubai venture in IOJ&K

Under a new development, Dubai has reportedly signed an accord with the Government of India to build infrastructure in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IOJ&K) at a time when the Himalayan region is seeing a resurgence in violence. So far the details have not been made public about the volume of investment but the news has created quite a stir at the time. No doubt it’s a risky business to make investment in a region where clashes are reported almost daily between militants and the Indian security forces. It is somewhat bad news for Pakistan that has failed to plead its Kashmir case before the Islamic world, particularly the Middle East. The financial interest of one of the seven states of the UAE in India is also one of the reasons for this investment.

At a time, when New Delhi is boasting of its achievement, Islamabad also needs to straighten up its line of action to build its case regarding Kashmir. Harping on the UN resolution for the Kashmir solution is not enough, rather, Pakistan has to develop and reform its own areas and those parts of Kashmir that border with India. Along with building modern infrastructure in IOJ&K, the Indian government also needs to make efforts for resolving the Kashmir conflict through political settlement. Utter violence against civilians is totally uncalled for and inhuman. Since 1948, the Indian government has been running the political affairs of Jammu and Kashmir through massive military deployment. This has become a permanent reality.

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A permanent peace in the region requires certain measures from both sides, which may include but are not limited to demilitarisation of the area, trade and economic cooperation, resolution of all issues through a meaningful dialogue and an internal political settlement between the Indian government and the people of Kashmir. Pakistan and India have so far been incapable of even coming to the negotiating table to resolve the Kashmir dispute. In the meantime, Kashmiris should not have to live in their present state of anger, fear and pain. Let Kashmiris – pro-freedom, pro-India, pro-Pakistan – talk to one another to find a way to resolve their issues in order to bring peace to their beautiful valley.

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