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‘Dum Mastum’: A film about love and hate!

Written by Amar Khan and directed by Ehteshamuddin, ‘Dum Mastum’ is a 2022 Lollywood film. With a runtime of 2 hour, 45 minutes, it falls into the genre of love, comedy, drama, and action.

With the leads being Bao aka Sikander Hayat Khan (Imran Ashraf), Aliya (Amar Khan), Arif Tooti (Saleem Miraj) and Gudoo Razor (Walid Siddique), the film is worth watching. ‘Dum Mastum’ is the debut film of Amar Khan and Imran Ashraf. Ashraf’s acting is admirable and Amar’s creativity unparalleled.

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Similar to Ghabra Nai Hai, ‘Dum Mastum’ too is a story of love and betrayal. The plot revolves around two main characters, Bao and Aliya. Bao belongs to the lower middle class. He lives in a chawl with khawaja saras (trans) and call girls. Bao is warm-hearted and kind.

Aliya on the other hand, dreams big. She wants to become a dancer. Her father, however, is a strict disciplinarian and does not allow such leverages.

Alia pursues her dreams as Adnan Shah (Adnan Siddique), a dance choreographer, offers her training at the Dance Mela.

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Bao is jealous of Aliya’s interaction with other men.

Aliya becomes a superstar! She finally realizes her dreams and attains her goals! However, fate is not on her side.

During her last rehearsal, she falls from the hoop onto the floor. She breaks her leg, unable to dance any longer!

The audience gets a peek into who lets the rope fall! But I will not ruin the suspense for you. Here, a parallel can be drawn with ‘Dil Tu Pagal Hai’, where there is a rivalry between the dancer duo Madhuri Dixitt and Karishma Kapoor.

The costume design done by Rizwan Ali is chic. Paired in contrasting colours such as plum, navy blue, a bright yellow, and a fiery red, the film shot on the beach and in the desert reminds one of Shahrukh Khan and Kajol’s film ‘Dilwale’ and the famous song ‘Teri Ore’.

The cinematography by Salman Razza, is fantastic.

From the homely sets of the chawl to the dance and romance, the sets are remarkable. Designed with finesse and perfection that deserves appreciation, the film, on the whole, is an excellent effort to bring forward the issues being faced by the Pakistani society at the moment.

Why does Aliya reject Bao? Because he is poor? Yet his love is pure! Will she return his love and accept him or not? To find out, watch the film before it’s too late!

The music composed and sung primarily by Bilal Saeed and Momina Mustehsan has beautiful poetry. The melodious voice melts the heart of the audience. Both Aliya and Bao want to have a flourishing career in the music industry and both strive together to reach their destination. They hold on to each other through thick and thin. It is here that Guddu Razor makes an entry.

His voice can hardly be called a nightingale’s voice. In a competition between Bao and Guddu Razor, the person who suffers the most is Aliya.

Aliya excited to return to her career is exploited by Guddu for ulterior motives.

The character of Arif Tooti Wala is a role reversal.

Whereas in the first half of the film, he is an ally to Bao, whilst in the second half, he plays the villain.

The film is a childhood sweetheart romance between Aliya and Bao that goes through a roller coaster ride, just like life that offers twists and turns! Will the journey from love to hate return to a passionate relationship?

On the whole, a light-hearted, entertaining film that comes as a good break from the mundane and monotonous life! Kudos to ‘Dum Mastum’!



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