ECP issues list of new constituencies in Faisalabad

Elections will be held for only 10 seats in NA and 21 seats in the provincial assembly

Despite the rise in population of Faisalabad district, no increase has been made in the National Assembly seats whereas the numbers of all the constituencies of the National Assembly have been changed. More changes have been made in the constituencies of National Assembly members Shahbaz Babar, Gohar Baloch, Nawab Sher Wasir, while the new number of Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah’s constituency has become 100.

The Election Commission of Pakistan has released the preliminary list of the new constituencies for ten National Assembly and 21 provincial assembly constituencies in Faisalabad. According to the list, the constituency numbers of the entire national and provincial assemblies of the district have been changed and, despite the increase in population, elections will be held for only ten seats in the National Assembly and 21 seats in the provincial assembly.

According to the preliminary list of new constituencies, the constituency numbers of Faisalabad’s seats in the National Assembly will now be from 95 to 104. Constituency NA-101 is now NA-95; NA-102 Jaranwala has been re-numbered 95; NA-103 Tandlianwala has been re-numbered 97; NA-104 Sammundri has been re-numbered 98; NA-105 Dijkot has been re-numbered 99; and Sanaullah’s constituency number has been changed from 106 to 100. Similarly, the numbers of four constituencies of the city have also been changed — including Faizullah Kamuka’s constituency from NA-109 to 101, Farrukh Habib’s constituency from 108 to 102, and Khurram Shehzad’s constituency from NA-107.

According to the initial new constituencies, minor changes have been made in most of the constituencies of the district. However, the constituencies of assembly members Shahbaz Babar, Ali Gohar Baloch and Nawab Sher Wasir have undergone major changes. The constituency of Punjab Assembly member Chaudhry Ali Akhtar has also been significantly divided, while the constituencies of National Assembly members Raza Nasrullah Ghuman and Rana Sanaullah have been changed nominally.

Constituency NA-95 of Faisalabad after changes includes some constituencies of Chak Jhumra and tehsil Jaranwala, Municipal Committee Kharrianwala, some constituencies of Kharrianwala, Bedianwala, Patwar Circle of Gutwala, and Chak No 197 RB. The total population of this constituency is 758,669. Areas included in NA 96 Faisalabad to Jaranwala include Municipal Committee Jaranwala, Jaranwala city, Saddar, Landianwala, Bachiana, Chak Hamand, Awagat, Patwar Circle Chak No 109 and 216 RB. The population of the constituency is 763,629. NA 97 Faisalabad Tandlianwala areas consist of Rodala chak number 362 GB, Chak number 366 GB, Chak number 367 GB, Chak number 432 GB and Chak number 581 GB, and this constituency has a population of 757,545.

The areas included in NA-98 Faisalabad-4 and Patwar circles in tehsil Samundri, Rodala as well as the Patwar Circles include Chak No. 362 GB, Chak No. 366 GB, 367 GB, 432 GB, 581 GB. The Patwar circles of Satiana which have been included in this constituency include Chak No 27 GB, 34 GB, 39 GB, and this constituency has a population of 780,129. NA-99 Faisalabad Five, Djikot Municipal Committee Dijkot, Djikot, Sarshmir, Sadar One, Sadar Two, 246 RB Patwar Circles Thikriwala GB, chak number 216 GB included. The population of this constituency is 783,893 people.

Areas of Tehsil Sadr included in NA-100 Faisalabad-6 include Nadwala Constituency, Thikriwala Constituency and Patwar Circle of 246 Rabb, Gutwala and its Patwar Circles include Chak No. 197 Rabb and Chak No. 198 Rabb. This constituency has a population of 764,113. NA 101 Faisalabad 7 in Gutwala with Chak No. 198 Lord Patwar Circle as well as various charges of Metropolitan Faisalabad has been included in the constituency, and this constituency will have a population of 816,090.

NA 103 Faisalabad 9 City Metropolitan which consists of charges include Charge No. 05-08-55-56-57-58-59- 60-61-62-63-64- 65-66-67-68-69-70-71-72-73. It will have a population of 824,482. Similarly, NA 104 Faisalabad 10 includes the charges of Metropolitan Faisalabad including Charge No. 06-07-09-10-11-12-13-14-15- 16-17-18-19-24-25-26, and this constituency will consist of 810,303 population.

Similarly, in the provincial constituencies of Faisalabad city and district, three to four union councils have been transferred and added to other constituencies. Two and a half Union Councils of Mansoorabad have been cut off and included in the former constituency PP-111 while similarly, three to four Union Councils of all provincial constituencies from all the provincial constituencies of the city and district have been included in the adjoining constituencies. According to the new delimitations, the constituency which has been changed the most is the constituency of MNA Shahbaz Babar and Ali Gohar Baloch from Tandlianwala. Rodala’s union councils were cut from Ali Gohar Baloch’s constituency and included in Shahbaz Babar’s constituency. Many areas were cut off from Jaranwala constituency and included in Raza Nasrullah Ghuman’s constituency while Chaudhry Ali Akhtar’s constituency became more fragmented.