Educational institutions in Rawalpindi closed for two days

In view of the situation, educational institutions have been announced to remain closed for two days in Rawalpindi.

According to a notification issued by the Deputy Commissioner, educational institutions in Rawalpindi will remain closed for two days. It further said that the reason for the closure of educational institutions has been attributed to the situation in the country.

The examinations of the students were postponed by Namal University. A notification has been issued to postpone the mid-term examination of students scheduled for tomorrow.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) continues to protest in and around Rawalpindi. PTI has also blocked Murree Expressway by burning tires.

PTI leader Sadaqat Ali Abbasi has said that the protest will be held on a daily basis by blocking the road. He said that the protest demonstration will be held daily until PTI Chairman Imran Khan does not reach Rawalpindi.

Abbasi said that the protest could not be controlled by the government but if they want to stop protests then announce election date immediately.


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