Eggs were thrown at Kings Charles in Northern England visit

Shouts were heard saying, “This country is made of blood of slaves” and “Not my king”

Picture source - AFP

A man has been arrested for throwing eggs at Britain’s King Charles III and his wife Queen Consort Camilla.

On Wednesday an unidentified man tried to throw eggs at the 73-years old king and his 75-year wife who was on a tour in northern England at the historic Micklegate Bar location.

Footage circulating on social media showed four eggs flying from the British king and his wife to the ground. But the king seemed unfazed by the incident and continued the tour.

A man was heard shouting, “This country is made of the blood of slaves” and “Not my king.” He was arrested on the spot by the police. The protester also booed the royal couple before he appeared to lob the eggs at them.

Charles who ascended the throne in September after the death of Queen Elizabeth is on a two-day visit to northern England.

Eggs were also thrown at Elizabeth’s royal car in 2022 when she went to Nottingham in central England and in 1995 anti-British protesters had thrown eggs at Charles during a walkout in central Dublin.


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