Eid Milad and Holy Prophet (PBUH)’s message

Our prayers in the mosques teach us the lesson of equality where everyone stands side by side. Kings and slaves have to stand in the same rows. Five-time prayers in mosques are to remind us of this lesson of equality.

Eid Milad ul Nabi (The Birth Day of Hazrat Muhammad Peace be upon him) was celebrated on October 9, in a befitting manner. Professions and gatherings were arranged for paying tributes to the most important human on the earth. There were illuminations and decorations on the buildings and thousands of tones of sweets were distributed to celebrate the birthday of the last prophet of Allah.

In Maulana Zafar Ali Khan Trust, Lahore Auditorium Dr. Fareed Ahmed Piracha delivered a memorable lecture on the personality of Rasul e Pak. He said that Hazrat Muhammad’s life is a full Code for human life. It is for children, youth, elders, family life, for communities, societies, countries, and the world. It is for poor people, for the middle classes, the rich, and the tycoons. His life is an example both for the rulers and the ruled. It was the best life to be followed in his times and for present times and times to come. He is the one whose life benefitted humanity more than any other human on earth.  He said other conquerors of the world, grabbed lands, got physical supremacy, showed cruelty in their conquests, and became famous. But no ruler can introduce a better justifiable system of government or a better society than was introduced by Hazrat Muhammad. If we question the different empires and rulers and what benefits, reliefs and prosperity did they bring to their people, no one can reach the social welfare and justice brought by Hazrat Muhammad’s government. His teachings and message were entirely a blessing to humanity. The more we try to become like him, and the more we try to follow his teachings in totality, the more perfect humans we become. He changed humans from the inside, and inner change is always durable. In this case, no bitter punishments are needed. The way he changed the people and created a society that had not been witnessed by the world anywhere else. Dr. Fareed Piracha deplored that currently, we are experiencing charming slogans and statements only, and character is not seen. Islam goes with action. Hazrat Muhammad’s wife Bibi Aisha said on an occasion that if you want to know the character of Hazrat Muhammad you should read the Quran e Hakeem, his life was a practical example of the Quran. He said if the majority of Muslims don’t have the good character it is not Islam’s fault. It is the fault of these so-called Muslims. Almighty God’s book Quran is there, and we have very good books on Hazrat Muhammad’s life. We must save some time to read and understand the Quran and Prophet’s life. Unfortunately, our cell phones and social media have snatched from us most of our time. But fortunately, there is also available Quran with translations and so much about the life of Hazrat Muhammad is present on the Internet. We must be acquainted with these sites and along with other content must benefit from these facilities. Dr. Piracha deplored that our rulers have forgotten about the Islamic society where everyone gets equal status. We are divided into the ruling elite and poor classes. On the one hand, we see the palaces of the rulers and on the other hand, there are mud huts of the deprived people. But Islam has given us equality. Our prayers in the mosques teach us the lesson of equality where everyone stands side by side. Kings and slaves have to stand in the same rows. Five-time prayers in mosques are to remind us of this lesson of equality. Islam teaches us to be nice to our families. Rasul Allah has said that the best amongst you is he who is the best for his family. After family, the whole Islamic society is based on the principles of complete equality, and social welfare based on love and care. Dr. Farid warned that widespread and strong efforts have been launched to drag us toward those values which have destroyed western society. The life of Hazrat Muhammad is the ocean of benefits and welfare for us and it can also teach other nations the most beneficial ways to live a healthy and happy life. Holy Quran tells us that there are two types of people in this world, those who are in deficit and those who are living a happy and successful life. This is up to us to decide whether we have to run after the fake glamour of the world or to live as satisfied and strong people with high moral values.

Dr. Farid Priracha said that although there is a bad environment as far as the implementation of Islamic principles is concerned, there is no need for disappointment. One can’t say when the intellectual environment changes and people start thinking about their real worldly and eternal benefits. If the government changes all other things can change. The rulers are prey to hypocrisy regarding religion.

Chairman of Maulana Zafar Ali Khan Trust Mr. Khalid Mehmood, in his concluding remarks, appreciated the invaluable speech of Dr. Piracha and said that he has mentioned nicely all the necessary things which we need to do. He deplored the temperaments of some religious people who always show so much anger and intensity and are ready to give their lives in the name of Rasool-e-Pak but are not ready to obey his teachings in their practical lives.

On this occasion, Alama Akram, Prof. Sarfraz, Dr. Waqar Malik, and Mariya Sohail also expressed their views.

With 50 years of teaching experience, Professor Dr. Shafiq Jullandhry, a noted writer and author of award-winning books, is former chairman of Punjab University's Mass Communication Department (now School of Communication Studies); also heads Elaaf Club and Pakistan Media Guild as president. He can be reached at drjullandhry@yahoo.com.


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