Eid on Friday or Saturday – debate in on

    For the past few days, a series of predictions regarding the sighting of the Shawwal moon have been ongoing. Astronomers have indicated that Eidul Fitr may occur in Pakistan next week. On the other hand, the central moonsighting committee has called a meeting on April 20 to sight the Shawwal moon, which will be headed by Maulana Abdul Khabeer Azad. The final decision in Pakistan will depend on the sighting or non-sighting of the moon.

    The private moon-sighting committee will hold a meeting at the historical Qasim Mosque in Peshawar under the chairmanship of Mufti Shahabuddin Popalzai, whereas, contrary to the government moonsighting committee, Mufti Popalzai has been announcing that Eidul Fitr will be celebrated earlier. Typically, Eidul Fitr is celebrated alongside Saudi Arabia.

    According to the Saudi Arabian astronomical center, the festival of Eid will be observed on Saturday, April 22nd. According to the center, it is not possible to see the moon of Eid on Thursday in Saudi Arabia. On the other hand, the Saudi Gazette reports that Eidul Fitr will be on Friday, April 21. The Supreme Court of Saudi Arabia has also urged citizens to sight the moon on Thursday, and the final decision on Eid will be made after moon sighting.

    It remains to be seen whether, if Eidul Fitr falls on Friday in Saudi Arabia, the private moon-sighting committee, under the leadership of Mufti Popalzai, will also announce the Eid on Friday. If that happens, then there will be discrepancies in sighting the moon across Pakistan.