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Elahi seeks dissolution of KP Assembly before Punjab: Barrister Saif

Special Assistant to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Barrister Mohammad Ali Saif stated on Friday that Punjab Chief Minister Pervez Elahi wants the PTI to dissolve the KP Assembly first.

Barrister while talking to journalists said that PTI wants both assemblies to be dissolved simultaneously.

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He further stated that Pervez Elahi was unsure of his next move after PTI Chairman Imran Khan announced that his party would resign from the Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa assemblies.

He stated that Elahi would make the final choice regarding the Punjab Assembly.

The CM’s assistant revealed that the PTI and its allies were debating whether to dissolve the Punjab and KP assemblies jointly or separately while being accompanied by local PTI leaders Kamal Saleem Swati and Dr. Iftikhar Zaidi.

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He claimed that Imran has appointed a committee to decide when and how to dissolve assemblies, with members from Punjab and KP included.

Saif stated that he thought it would be pointless to dissolve the assemblies if the PTI couldn’t pressure the federal government into conducting early elections.

According to him, the federal government would undoubtedly ask the Supreme Court for relief if the provincial assemblies were dissolved.


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