“Emraan Hashmi is a practicing Muslim” says Humaima Malick

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In an interview with YouTuber Moin Zubair, Humaima Malick spoke about her bond with Emraan Hashmi, highlighting their close friendship and Emraan’s remarkable qualities as both a person and an actor. She expressed her admiration for him, describing him as an amazing human being and a fantastic actor. However, she also touched upon the criticism Emraan faces from the Pakistani audience, believing that they have unfairly judged him and should let go of these trivial matters.

Humaima emphasized that Emraan Hashmi is a religious person, well-versed in Quranic verses. She shared that they would often recite verses together, indicating his commitment to his faith. According to her, Emraan is a practicing Muslim with a heart free from hate and impurities, harboring no ill will towards anyone.

She voiced her frustration over the negative comments people often leave on her social media posts about Emraan. She believed that Pakistanis should move beyond these petty criticisms and focus on the positive aspects of his character and talent. Humaima’s intent seemed to be to humanize Emraan Hashmi, showcasing his religious beliefs and emphasizing his good nature.

However, this interview did not sit right with the netizens. Humaima received huge backlash from users who considered Humaima to be obsessed with Emraan Hashmi and she is not able to let go of her days of glory. One user commented, “You guys used to recite Quranic verses and then did vulgar scenes on camera? Practicing Muslim? Shame on you”. Another commented, “Did Emraan Hashmi ask her to portray him as a religious person? I don’t know why these idiot celebrities think it is important for them to use religion as a tool for their fame.”

All of these comments show that Humaima’s intentions to portray Emran Hashmi in a positive light did not sit right with the fans. For the most part, they are concerned about using religion to gain a few clicks and stardom.


  1. Is there any specific aspect of Emraan Hashmi’s practice of Islam that Humaima Malick highlights, or does she simply affirm his status as a practicing Muslim?

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