EU announces more sanctions for Iranian leaders

Picture source - Getty Images

European Union has announced more sanctions for the Islamic Republic of Iran after the government announces a crackdown on protestors.

French President Emmanuel Macron defined the unrest in Iran as a revolution.

Emmanuel while talking to France Inter radio stated that the grandchildren of the revolution are carrying out a revolution and are devouring it.

As per Deutsche Welle’s report, the Iranian court sentenced rioters to death.

The widespread demonstrations had been happening following Mahsa Amini’s murder in morality police detention following her arrest for inappropriate dress

The riots had become a crisis of credibility for the religious establishment that had been ruling for more than 40 years.

Macron further claimed that the assault by Iranian authorities would make it more challenging to reach a deal on restarting the 2015 nuclear accord, which would have relieved Iran of its sanctions in exchange for limitations on its nuclear program.

Emmanuel also added, “This revolution changes many things. I don’t think there will be new proposals that can be made right now to save the nuclear deal.”

Whereas, the Iranian foreign ministry’s spokesman criticized French President Macron calling his act shameful and a breach of France’s obligations in the battle against terrorism.


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