Every coalition partner will go in elections on its own agenda, says PM Shehbaz

Today is crucial day for democracy, accomplishment would go down in history, says PM on golden jubilee ceremony of Constitution

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Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that the coalition parties had joined to preserve Pakistan and every party will go into elections on its own agenda.

He said that a Chief Justice unceremoniously granted a three-year concession to the dictator. He said that everyone joined together to preserve Pakistan.

He said that the coalition government had been in place for a year and despite a man’s assertion that it should not have been but it had performed marvels.

He stated in a speech to the National Assembly that although the constitution from 1973 has undergone changes over the years, including during the dictatorship era, but it is still in effect today.

Shahbaz Sharif said that today was a crucial day for democracy and this accomplishment would go down in history as the constitution that political rivals convened to create fifty years ago.

The premier said that the Constitution has kept pros in a sequence. He said that there will be challenges but they must battle together. He added that every party must run with its own agenda during the elections.

The coalition parties would run in the polls with their respective platforms, the Prime Minister said, adding that they all joined together to defend Pakistan.

The Prime Minister applauded all who contributed to the unanimous constitution of 1973 saying that the accomplishment will be recorded in the history books in gold letters.

The coalition government was only expected to last a month, but now it has been in place for a whole year, the prime minister furthered. He said that they came together to preserve Pakistan.

Shehbaz Sharif said that when the administration assumed power, the severity of the crisis was unknown, but there was no denying the obstacles and difficulties.