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Ex-Afghan army general promises war against Taliban

A former-general in the Afghan army says that he and many others along with him are readying to launch a new offensive against the Taliban.

Lieutenant General Sami Sadat said that the eight months long rule of the Taliban regime has convinced many Afghans that military action is the only solutions. He said operations could be initiated next month after Eid, when he says he planned on returning to Afghanistan.

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The Taliban took control of the country last August in a little over a week, as the last US-led NATO forces left the country after a 20-year military campaign.

Speaking about the plans with international news outlet BBC, Lt Gen Sadat said he and other Afghans would “do anything and everything in our powers to make sure country is free from Taliban control and a democratic system is re-established”.

The general stressed that the Taliban had been reinstating progressively strict rule – including severe restrictions on women’s and girls’ rights. He said that it was time to put an end to their authoritarian rule.

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He said he initially planned on giving the Taliban a year to see if they would change. “Unfortunately, every day you wake up the Taliban have had something new to do – torturing people, killing, disappearances, food shortages, child malnutrition,” Lt Gen Sadat said.



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