Exclusive with Aliha Chaudry: our entertainment industry needs more OTT platforms


Diva of the glamour world; Aliha Chaudry is a multi-talented showbiz personality. She is a host, musician, VJ, and actress and earned a great space in the industry within a short period. Talking exclusively to Minute Mirror, the De Ijazat star shared some amazing insights about her career and personal life which her fans would love to know.

Minute Mirror: Who inspired you to choose this career?
Aliha Chaudry: I wanted to do something productive with my life in a creative way. I was always inclined toward music, acting, and movies. Also, I did my bachelor’s in filmmaking and acting so it all just connected everything.

Minute Mirror: What is your most memorable drama/project?

Aliha Chaudry: Bechari Qudsia on Geo TV was the most fun one.

Minute Mirror: Which one do you think is underrated?
Aliha Chaudry: Alhamdulillah, all the projects I have done till now have done well.

Minute Mirror: Last time you lied?
Aliha Chaudry: I don’t like lies, liars or lying.

Minute Mirror: Where do you see yourself in the coming years?
Aliha Chaudry: I see myself working and Inshallah doing more in creative areas.

Minute Mirror: Anything that you can’t share with anyone?
Aliha Chaudry: People who confide in me and tell me their secrets.

Minute Mirror: Last call that you made?
Aliha Chaudry: To my mommy.

Minute Mirror: Morning person or night owl?
Aliha Chaudry: It depends on the day.

Minute Mirror: What do you usually wear in daily life?
Aliha Chaudry: I like wearing smart casual in real life and I can live in tees.

Minute Mirror: Describe yourself in three words.
Aliha Chaudry: Imaginative, trustworthy, a good friend.

Minute Mirror: What is your favorite thing in your closet right now?
Aliha Chaudry: My tees.

Minute Mirror: Coca cola or Nimo pani?
Aliha Chaudry: I guess, both.

Minute Mirror: Which place do you want to visit?
Aliha Chaudry: I want to visit Korea!

Minute Mirror: Hollywood, Bollywood, or Lollywood?
Aliha Chaudry: Lollywood, as I’m a true patriot.

Minute Mirror: Annoying habits of most actors, models, and singers?
Aliha Chaudry: I just find the unprofessional approach of some people in general very annoying and I think it’s a major put-off, especially in a professional space. We are all working individuals. So any kind of unprofessional approach to any person has no room in a creative environment in my opinion and should be stopped.

Minute Mirror: Watch or bracelet?
Aliha Chaudry: Watch! I love collecting watches.

Minute Mirror: Extremely possessive about?
Aliha Chaudry: Sometimes, my personal space.

Minute Mirror: Happiness is…?
Aliha Chaudry: Happiness is a broad term and it can mean different things to different people! I think it means finding comfort in things you love or like! It means doing stuff that makes you happy.

Minute Mirror: Are you a workaholic or a shopaholic?
Aliha Chaudry: I’m a workaholic but I’m a shopaholic too, haha!

Minute Mirror: Emotional or practical?
Aliha Chaudry: I’m more towards being practical and I have learned this trait with time and I guess in general.

Minute Mirror: What is religion for you?
Aliha Chaudry: It’s everything! It’s the code of life! It’s having faith in an eternal being.

Minute Mirror: Awards or rewards?
Aliha Chaudry: Both!

Minute Mirror: What habit do you want to get rid of?
Aliha Chaudry: I can sometimes trust people too easily and just see things transparently, how they are without thinking twice. You can tell me anything and I’d trust it at face value. This is what I want to change about myself.

Minute Mirror: Acting, modeling, or hosting?
Aliha Chaudry: Acting, hosting, and singing! I haven’t done any modeling except for commercials.

Minute Mirror: What is your biggest or weirdest fear?
Aliha Chaudry: I am fearful of lizards.

Minute Mirror: Best trait in your personality?
Aliha Chaudry: I am a good secret keeper.

Minute Mirror: Anything that you took for granted and later regretted?
Aliha Chaudry: I don’t take things for granted, that’s just not in my nature and I guess people shouldn’t do that too. We should value things and people who are close to our hearts.

Minute Mirror: What pissed you off the most?
Aliha Chaudry: Lies, dishonesty and bullies.

Minute Mirror: Our entertainment industry needs…?
Aliha Chaudry: More OTT platforms.

Minute Mirror: First thing you notice in someone?
Aliha Chaudry: How they treat people.

Minute Mirror: Two things that you don’t understand about the entertainment industry?
Aliha Chaudry: So far I am still learning new things every single day.

Minute Mirror: Any relationship lessons that you have learned so far?
Aliha Chaudry: Relationships in general whether it’s between lovers, friends, siblings, or whoever require time and effort from both sides. It’s like a plant if you won’t water it, it won’t bloom! So, it takes two people’s efforts not just one.

Minute Mirror: If you want to get rid of one of your habits?
Aliha Chaudry: Trusting people easily.

Minute Mirror: What are your healthy habits?
Aliha Chaudry: I try to eat “portion control” but there are days when I don’t. But, I am mindful of what I’m eating and I try to avoid junk as much as I can.

Minute Mirror: Your fitness formula?
Aliha Chaudry: Portion control meals.

Minute Mirror: What attracts you most to the opposite gender?
Aliha Chaudry: Their mannerisms, their ability to make the other person laugh, and their transparency.

Minute Mirror: Romantic or not?
Aliha Chaudry: No, I’m not really romantic.

Minute Mirror: Who is your celebrity crush?
Aliha Chaudry: Shahid Kapoor.

Minute Mirror: With which celebrity do you want to work?
Aliha Chaudry: Shahid Kapoor (wishes).

Minute Mirror: Your wish that didn’t come true?                                                        Aliha Chaudry: Hmmmmmmm! Still thinking about it.

Minute Mirror: Your favorite fragrance?
Aliha Chaudry: Oud Ispahan.

Minute Mirror: What’s the last thing you bought?
Aliha Chaudry: Tissue box.

Minute Mirror: The last film that made you cry?
Aliha Chaudry: It was a movie that I was watching on Netflix randomly. It’s been a few months.

Minute Mirror: Few words for your fans?
Aliha Chaudry: Keep loving me and supporting me. It means a lot.