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HomeWorldExplosions in temple shake Kabul, at least two casualties reported

Explosions in temple shake Kabul, at least two casualties reported

Dozens of worshippers were inside, No group accepted responsibility for the attack so far

Explosions in a Sikh temple in Kabul shook the Afghan capital early Saturday at about 6:30 am resulting in at least two casualties while dozens of worshippers were inside the temple. No group has taken responsibility for the attack so far.

The ministry of information (MOI) has stated that the enemy threw grenades at the guards of the temple before entering causing fire and injuring at least two Sikh compatriots. The statement said that the attackers who were enemies of religion and country wanted to detonate in a crowded place but couldn’t reach their target.

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According to the statement, the militants were surrounded and security forces were working to clear the area. City Police Spokesman Khalid Zardan told the media that the bomb or explosive material was laden in a vehicle. Temple official Gurnam Singh said that up to 30 people were present inside the temple at the time of the blast. He said that so far nobody knows that how many are alive, dead or injured as the Taliban aren’t allowing anyone to enter. Local broadcasters of Kabul have also aired footage of heavy grey smoke rising in the area.

According to reports the vehicle had detonated before reaching the target. Taliban officials secured the area and an operation was carried out to clear the vicinity. Sikhs in Afghanistan are a small religious minority. Many of them left Afghanistan after the US evacuation from the country. The Sikh community has previously been the target of violence in Afghanistan. In the year 2020, another temple in Kabul was attacked that cost lives of 25.


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