Fahad Mustafa accused of copying Kabir Singh

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Fahad Mustafa, a Pakistani actor, has been accused of imitating the main hero from the Bollywood film Kabir Singh.

In a photoshoot video shared on Fahad Mustafa’s Instagram, users have accused him of copying the lead character from the Indian film Kabir Singh as well as the famous social media personality Andrew Tate.

Fahad Mustafa recently posted a video on Instagram featuring a fashion photoshoot, where he can be seen wearing a shirt, a cigar in his mouth, black glasses, a garland around his neck, and various bands on his hands.

Alongside the video, the actor wrote, ‘Trust the way of work.’

After sharing this post, Instagram users quickly expressed their opinions, stating that his look was a copy of Kabir Singh and Andrew Tate.

Kabir Singh is a popular Bollywood film in which the main character, played by Indian actor Shahid Kapoor, gained significant attention due to its unique and bold storyline.

However, Andrew Tate is a well-known social media celebrity recognized globally for his statements in support of Islam and against feminism.

Fahad Mustafa’s appearance and mannerisms in the video bear similarities to these two personalities, which had not gone unnoticed.

Instagram users criticized Fahad Mustafa’s look, with comments like ‘Failed attempt to become Shahid Kapoor’ and ‘Kabir Singh from Daraz.’

Others called it a copy of Andrew Tate, referring to him as the ‘Pakistani Version of Andrew’ and suggesting a need to style his hair differently in the first picture.