Fall and rise of nations

As a nation, what special pride do we have? And as the rulers what games we have been playing with the poor and ignorant public of this country? At a glance, doesn’t it look like a mockery we have been doing with this nation and with this country of 22 crores of people?  Nations rise and nations fall. But how come we started falling before we rose? It looks as if some invisible power was using us, and now this power has started to look at us as of no more use, and wants to give our charge to our enemies. But the pride of the nation is that the overwhelming majority of it considers itself as the humble and devoted slave of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and wants to create a model society shown to us by our Prophet. We have faced wars, terrorism, scarcity, injustices, insecurity, smuggling, corruption, the plundering of the national exchequer, international pressures, foreign powers’ purchased government functionaries, corrupt and incompetent public servants, black marketers, food adulterators, dacoits, cheaters, and at the top of all blatant plundering of our precious mineral resources.

Let’s see how we face all of this as a nation. Our civilians and armed forces have shown excellent unity and vigor and Islamic spirit in all of our wars. Our September 1965 war was an adorable example of our valor, determination, and war strategy. Nevertheless, we couldn’t keep the country intact and lost East Pakistan in 1071, there were mainly national and international political reasons behind it. We made a mistake in engaging ourselves against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan and faced its repercussions for a long time in form of terrorism. Then we again became The USA’s Non-NATO partners in the Afghanistan war during the Pervez Musharraf regime. Though we received American grants and aid for it. But we remained the target of drone attacks and terrorism. We rarely experienced good relations and peace on our western and eastern borders. In wake of the increasing Indian threat, we also became a nuclear power. It gave us peace on our eastern border for many years, but then after the enemy came up with a fifth-generation war against us. From the very outset, India had been trying its best to weaken us economically. Then it also launched a mammoth and complex war against us by purchasing maximum agents in our politicians, regionalists, racists, and media people. India is also running thousands of fake internet/social media accounts for strengthening its psychological warfare against us.  The enemy is successful in creating confusion and frustration in our nation, but in return, it is also facing the same in iwn ranks. The present world is facing large economic problems, but we have proved our resilience against economic disturbances. Nevertheless, because of the huge percentage of illiteracy, we are not strong enough to absorb all the shocks coming from the enemy’s Fifth Generation war. Its damage is felt severely. The United States of America which was our partner in good times is India’s strategic partner now. It doesn’t like our good relations with China and Russia and wants to keep us away from our important combined economic projects like CPEC.

In this scenario, we need to strengthen our internal unity and learn to stand on our own feet. Corruption and hindering in the way of our important development programs is the most effective device of the enemy which he is using against us successfully at a large scale. Important of all of this is that we have got the necessary potential for coping with these menaces. With neat and clean leadership we can put the nation on right track and fix our targets and destination. Despite accepting the pressure of hostile powers we can win the sympathies of friend nations and play our pivotal role in the power blocks. A popular democracy can give essential power to our government and corruption-free neat brains can show proper courage and discretion to lead the nation out of all problems.  The people who purchase the governments are always haunted by the complex that they are cheaters and it is only by plundering national resources that they can justify their power. Genuine rulers who have deep roots in the people and motivated workers can set the right paths for the general masses and the vigor and zeal of these supporters and workers can easily bring the nation out of the marsh of all kinds of problems.

The question remains unanswered whether anyone will let the cart of our democracy go ahead or only outside pressures will work for sinking us into the unknown abyss. The nation is alive and alert at this time, it has gone through all sorts of adversaries and now people hope for a respectable and justifiable life for every Pakistani. We are a strong and matchless nation on this earth and we have to get our real position with the help of our sincerest leadership. We don’t need Political “Sodagars”, we can’t tolerate any type of foreign agents. Those who fall into these categories must slip aside, the nation will forgive and forget them. If they will try to impose their bogusness on the nation, the nation, with the strongest and purest ambitions, will teach them lessons to be remembered for the next many centuries. God bless true leaders and God bless all those weak factions of our nation who have faced all types of bitter oddities of life so far.


With 50 years of teaching experience, Professor Dr. Shafiq Jullandhry, a noted writer and author of award-winning books, is former chairman of Punjab University's Mass Communication Department (now School of Communication Studies); also heads Elaaf Club and Pakistan Media Guild as president. He can be reached at drjullandhry@yahoo.com.


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