False claims circulate: Canada accused of encouraging minors to choose medical assistance in dying

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Social media platforms are abuzz with false accusations that the Canadian government is promoting suicide among minors through its medical assistance in dying (MAID) process.

The claims are based on a misinterpretation of a screenshot from the website of an independent organization, Dying With Dignity Canada.

The organization advocates for certain mature minors suffering from severe medical conditions to have the option of choosing MAID, but it vehemently denies endorsing suicide for minors or anyone else.

At present, MAID is exclusively available to adults aged 18 or older with serious illnesses, diseases, or disabilities. Canadian officials have clarified that they have no immediate plans to lower the minimum age requirement for MAID eligibility.

Instead, they are exploring research to gain insights into the perspectives of young individuals and their parents or caregivers concerning end-of-life options. They aim to apply stringent safeguards would be implemented to ensure ethical and appropriate application.