Famous Italian actor Michele Morrone text me, Meera’s new revelation

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Renowned actress Meera from the Pakistan film industry has revealed that she receives messages from the well-known Italian actor Michele Morrone.

Recently, Meera participated in program “Hansna Mana Hai.” During the show, when the host, Tabish Hashmi, inquired about this matter, Meera confirmed and shared that Michele Morrone indeed sends her messages.

Meera stated, “Yes, Michele Morrone sends me messages. He says, ‘Let’s work together; come and work together.'”

When Tabish asked what response Meera gave to Michele’s offer, the actress explained, “I told him that I am currently working on a project, and once that is complete, we can work together professionally.”

Regarding the film “Jab Tak Hai Jaan” with Shah Rukh Khan, Meera mentioned that she was offered the role before Katrina Kaif. She also added that in the future, people might see her working with Michele Morrone.

This clip of Meera’s revelation has gone viral on social media, prompting interesting discussions among users. Some have accepted her claim, while others have expressed skepticism.

It should be noted that during the same show, Meera also revealed that she had turned down an offer from the Indian reality show “Bigg Boss.” Furthermore, she mentioned that she had rejected an offer for the Bollywood film “Jab Tak Hai Jaan” due to visa issues preventing her from going to London for the shoot.

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