Farhad Humayun: The loudest musician of Pakistan

The music fraternity remembers the rock legend of Pakistan, Farhad Humayun, on what would have been his 43rd birthday

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Farhad Humayun was charismatic, multi-talented and one of the finest musicians of our industry. To strangers he might have appeared to be distant and proud. However, in reality he has been known to be kind and friendly to fans and strangers alike.  Farhad was truly talented, was an encyclopedia of music, a veteran of the industry and one of the top names who placed Pakistan on the world map of music.

Farhad was a drummer, singer, songwriter and producer of the band Overload. In 2016, he was appointed as the global ambassador of ‘Live in Levis’ aka #LevisLive along with Hollywood’s Alicia Keys and rapper Vince Staples. This made him the only global ambassador of this project outside the United States.

Farhad was one of our prestigious musicians who had played at the Royal Albert Hall. Loved by millions of fans abroad, Farhad had performed at SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas. Recipient of multiple awards, including, Lux Style Awards and Hum TV Awards, his band ‘Overload’ would always be regarded as the ‘loudest band in Pakistan.’

Farhad also released English singles that were well-received by critics and fans. One of his hits ‘Give In’ was produced by Richard Hilton, keyboardist of the band Chic. His songs featured eminent musicians like Tony Levin, David Torn and Richy Stano. While most of his songs have a feel of mysticism to them, ‘Give In’ in particular talked about interfaith harmony making the song one of its kind. The song featured imagery from different faiths and beliefs calling people to give in to Divine Love.

His last few productions, ‘Mein Hoon’ featuring Hossam Ramzy, ‘Mur Key Dekho’ and ‘Ho Janay Do’ have left a long lasting impact on his fans and loved ones. ‘Ho Janay Do’ with its haunting and nostalgic feel talks about giving in to Divine Will. The song, released in January 2021 – just six months before he passed away, foretells his transition to the hereafter. ‘Mur Key Dekho’ released in 2018 is another maestro production that fills oneself with nostalgia causing broken heart syndrome. His fans and followers on his Youtube channel have even posted comments such as “Awaaz hun main.. guzre hue kal ki” hits different now??”

Losing Farhad wasn’t easy. Despite knowing of his deteriorating health, the news about his sad demise came as a shock to the entire nation. Since then, there hasn’t been a single day that goes without remembering him. RJ Sophia, who has featured Farhad Humayun in her radio shows, has dedicated a special show to him on his birth anniversary.

In fact, at the time of his death, a number of international celebrities took to social media expressing their grief. Bollywood’s actor Arjun Mathur, childhood friends with Farhad, had shared, “Three short years ago and completely out of the blue, Fadi – one of the fittest, best-looking, healthiest people I knew – got diagnosed with a cancerous brain-tumour. After two brain-surgeries over two years and no real sign of getting any better, Fadi finally surrendered and decided to end the treatments and medication.” Iconic music artiste, Peter Gabrielle, during the course of his treatment, also reached out to him offering him strength and consolation.

Farhad’s death has left an eternal void. Given that his music was exceptional, quite inspired by rock icons like David Bowie, Prince and Freddy Mercury, he was a music prodigy celebrated by senior musicians both here and abroad. Farhad will always be remembered as a powerhouse radiating positive vibes, renewed energy and invictus soul with a warrior’s spirit. He will continue to inspire us and elevate our spirit through his music.