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Fariha Pervez to make a comeback with song on child-abuse awareness

After remaining off from the singing scene for quite long, only making it to a few live performances meanwhile, singer Fariha Pervez has announced her next song which is titled ‘Us din tum khushi manana’ and will based be on child abuse of various sorts, be it sexual exploitation or child labour.

Fariha Pervez made the announcement on March 26 on her Instagram, sharing a still from the music video of her song in which she could be observed standing in a window of a building which seemed like one belonging to the narrow alleys of the walled city.

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Fariha Pervez has lately been observed releasing very few singles and usually preferring live performances in shows like the ones organized by art connoisseurs such as Yousaf Salahuddin. Otherwise, the singer who rose to fame with the Basant song ‘Bo Kaata’ has multiple other hit songs to her name, including several OSTs as well, such as ‘Aye Ishq Humein Barbad Na Kar’, ‘Khwaab Aankhein Khwahish Chehre’, ‘Yaad Piya Ki Aaye’ and ‘Saawan’ which was a blockbuster of its time. Fariha Pervez is counted among the very few female classical singers of Pakistan who managed to keep their talent and a respect for it intact despite the majority’s inclination towards pop music in the 1990s.



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