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‘Fascist chemistry’ on display as Modi warmly meets Bennett at COP26

Indian, Israeli prime ministers often critiqued for anti-Muslim policies in respective countries

The union of two ‘fascists’ had the internet agitated after India Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with Israel Prime Minister Naftali Bennett at the COP26 summit in Scotland.

PM Bennett on Monday tweeted a video in which him and PM Modi placed their hands on each other’s shoulders while seemingly deep in conversation at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference that was under way in Glasgow. PM Bennett said it was ‘truly great’ to meet his Indian counterpart. PM Modi in response agreed the meeting was wonderful and said that the two states would continue working diplomatically for the betterment of the world. The Indian PM furthered that his country ‘deeply valued’ friendship with Israel.

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Several internet users said that the meeting took place between two ‘fascist’ leaders. Author Shalija Patel said the video showed ‘fascist chemistry’. Another user chimed in and said that ‘birds of a (racist and fascist) feather flock together’.

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Other labels were also plastered on the two coming together, with one user opining that the two were ‘authoritarian, nationalist [and] xenophobic’.

Many also pointed out that both leaders were united in their disdain for Muslims. A user jabbed that the duo stood together against Muslims, while another said that ‘far right’ had come together. Another said that the two represented the two most ‘cruel, racist and murderous states’.

PM Bennett has led Israel since former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu was ousted from the Israeli Parliament in June this year. Israel under Netanyahu was often decried for waging war crimes against Palestinians. At the time of the government change, several media reports claimed that PM Bennet’s rule would be no different for Palestinians than Netanyahu’s. Meanwhile, PM Modi’s policies have often been critiqued as oppressive towards Muslims in India.



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