Father of Hina Shah reportedly flees as DNA tests progress in Fatima Furiro case

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Pir Fayyaz Hussain Shah Jilani, the father of Hina Shah, has reportedly fled to Balochistan as DNA tests are being conducted on close relatives of Pir Asad Shah Jilani, his wife Hina Shah, their servants, and other suspects in light of the tragic death of the minor maid, Fatima Furiro. Law enforcement officials investigating the heinous crime have confirmed that Pir Fayyaz was last traced to a location in Balochistan based on the tracking of his phone numbers. Following the arrest of his son-in-law, Pir Fayyaz, who also serves as the vice chairman of Ranipur Town Committee, has gone into hiding to evade potential arrest in connection with the rape and murder case of the young maid.

Addressing a press conference in Ranipur town, DIG Sukkur Javed Soonhao Jiskani, accompanied by SSP Khairpur Mir Rohal Khoso, informed that they have already communicated with federal government authorities to include the names of certain suspects on the Exit Control List (ECL), aiming to prevent any suspects from leaving the country. This action comes in light of the initial findings from a seven-member medical board that confirmed extensive torture of the ten-year-old victim, Fatima Furiro, across her body.

Amidst these developments, there are conflicting reports regarding the whereabouts of Hina Shah, who had sought protective bail from the Sukkur Circuit Bench of the Sindh High Court for seven days.

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