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Faysal lashes out at ‘English-obsessed’ amateurs making it to showbiz industry

Veteran actor and sometimes producer Faysal Quraishi has voiced a lot of Pakistani viewers’ concern over the rising obsession of the country’s showbiz industry with fair-skinned and English speaking celebrities. People with skin-colour or body shape the majority can relate to are not there in our dramas, which continues to disappoint many who have now started finding Pakistani dramas as works only setting wrong ideals instead of providing realistic or culturally rooted content.

Faysal Quraishi took to his Facebook account yesterday to speak out against hardworking people getting eclipsed, and ‘attractive’ people with an admirable social background making it to the industry. Here’s the English translation of Quraishi’s complete statement:

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“If you are fair-skinned and have a ‘mummy-daddy’ air to your personality, and if you speak good English and have a filthy rich social background, then you are most welcome to the showbiz industry regardless of whether you know acting or not, because some of our channels and bloggers quickly get inspired by the likes of you.”

It was interesting to note how the ‘Dil e Momin’ actor took a dig at the morning shows as well, which have started the trend of inviting ‘pretty’ celebrities to ask them about their make-up preferences instead of probing into their work-routines or ask about their hard-work which goes into bringing characters to life on screen.




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