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Fazila Qazi calls out award shows for ‘favouritism’

Veteran actress Fazila Qazi, known since the days of Haseena Moin’s ‘Kasak’, uploaded a video on her Facebook a few days back in which she pointed out the unjust happenings in the many arenas of Pakistan’s showbiz industry.

The actress started off with how there was no dearth of talent in Pakistan, but it was unfortunately being wasted owing to the PR systems which were but a recent phenomenon. As a result of these systems, she added, only those actors made it to award shows who had strong PR teams that helped them stay connected with the influential lot.

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Qazi highlighted the fact that the recurrent appearance of only a certain group of actors at award shows was something that could not be ignored. She further stated that these performers were favoured by producers who then chose them to perform characters which were well-written, without caring if the actors being roped in were talented enough to execute such strong characters or not.

“Actors who are actually talented do not get to perform good characters, because they do not rely on PRs, but their talent only, whereas it is only the former that matters these days,” she said.

Netizens couldn’t help agreeing that only a selected few actors made it to award functions as well as to the television screens, with some also comparing Fazila Qazi’s statement with that of Madhuri Dixit’s from her recent web-series ‘The Fame Game’, in an episode of which the actress is observed saying that veterans had to prove their talent in order to up their game, whereas the contemporary actors could do without talent as long as they had good PR teams.



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