Fed govt appoints Syrus Qazi as foreign secretary

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Asad Majeed Khan, who will resign from his position on August 17 after reaching the age of superannuation, has been replaced as foreign secretary by Dr. Syrus Sajjad Qazi.

Dr. Syrus Qazi is a grade-22 officer of the foreign service, and he currently serves as the special secretary of Foreign Affairs.

He has a wealth of knowledge in both bilateral and multilateral diplomacy at his disposal.

He was chosen for overseas service since he was a King Edward Medical College of Lahore graduate. He also served at the headquarters on major assignments.

He performed excellently for the nation’s missions in significant capitals. His most recent position was serving as the nation’s ambassador to Turkey until last year, after which he returned to the capital.

Qazi will hold the position of foreign secretary until 2025.

Since Majeed was appointed the new foreign secretary in December of last year, Syrus has been the front-runner for the top position.