Federal govt decides to outsource Islamabad International Airport for 15 years

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The federal government has announced the outsourcing of Islamabad Airport for 15 years, which is a significant milestone, intended to improve efficiency and administration.

Minister of Federal Aviation Khawaja Saad Rafique, confirmed the decision during a National Assembly meeting, assuring the people that this tactical choice does not equate to selling the airport.

The choice to contract out the airport comes amid initiatives to modernize the aviation industry and address Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) financial difficulties.

The national carrier’s operations and general profitability are now hampered by its heavy debt load of Rs. 742 billion.

When addressing worries and misunderstandings about the outsourcing proposal, the aviation minister made it clear that the phrase “outsourcing” does not entail giving up ownership of the airport.

Instead, commercial operators will be in charge of running and managing a number of the airport’s activities, including maintenance, ground services, and terminal operations.

The Minister emphasized that it is crucial to know that outsourcing does not mean selling the airport.

“Improving the airport’s effectiveness, passenger experience, and general service quality is our top focus. A well-structured agreement would be used to carry out the outsourcing, guaranteeing transparency and adherence to all legal and regulatory obligations,” he continued.

The action is a component of a larger plan to boost Pakistan’s aviation sector’s overall performance.