Federal govt to re-launch youth laptop scheme

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Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) on Youth Affairs Shiza Fatima Khawaja said that the government would reintroduce the laptop program this year under the auspices of the Prime Minister Youth Program.

Today at a press conference, the SAPM announced that 100,000 computers would be given to young people as part of the program.

She expressed regret that the previous administration had put an end to this program and emphasized that laptops provided by the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz administration allowed young people to continue their studies and employment during COVID-19.

According to Shaza, the government also established the National Innovation Award to encourage the startup culture among young people.

“The government is placing a specific emphasis on encouraging young people to engage in healthy activities.”

She noted that during the previous year, roughly 54,000 kids participated in various games as part of these initiatives. She recalled that volleyball trials were held in twenty-eight districts and hockey trials were held in twenty-five.

The SAPM also said that youth across Pakistan can now register for football trials.