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Friday, January 27, 2023
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Feroze Khan’s attorney asserts his inability to support children financially

Feroze Khan is under harsh criticism once more for using his inability to pay for Sultan and Fatima’s maintenance and education as an excuse.

The actor’s attorney stated to the media on Tuesday that he is now not in a strong financial situation and is not receiving big assignments as a result of the accusations made against him.

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He further said, “We will propose on December 15 in which we will indicate the amount Feroze Khan can afford to pay. In the future, if he receives a project, we will work with madam (Aliza Sultan).”

He stated how the court stepped in and expressed his understanding of why the two sides had been unable to agree.

“If there are advantageous and respectable conditions for both parties, the judge will order that a compromise be struck by those conditions for the benefit of the children.”

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The attorney added that he expects Feroze Khan and his family, as well as Aliza Sultan and her family, to play constructive roles.

The attorney also mentioned that on December 15th, the judge will meet with the kids in his chambers for a pre-trial and inform the parents that they need to agree on the kids’ benefits.

On the contrary, Feroze Khan and his lawyers, according to Syeda Aliza Sultan’s attorney, are dragging the case.


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