FIA arrests missing customs officers involved in corruption scandal

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The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has taken significant action by arresting two missing customs officers who had been absconding for a week.

Tariq Mahmood and Yawar Abbas were apprehended in Islamabad, and substantial amounts of cash were seized from them during the arrest.

The confiscated funds included 5.4 million rupees, 2,000 US dollars, and 6,100 Emirati dirhams.

The FIA officials stated that both officers were arrested in connection with a mega corruption scandal in the customs department. A case has been registered against the accused in the FIA’s Anti-Corruption Circle.

The accused individuals are now facing a case filed against them in the FIA’s Anti-Corruption Circle, signaling the agency’s commitment to combating corruption and ensuring accountability.

This development highlights the FIA’s proactive approach in addressing cases related to corruption and fraud within government institutions.

The seized funds further serve as evidence in the ongoing investigation, strengthening the case against the accused.

The FIA’s determination to uncover and prosecute corruption within the customs department demonstrates its commitment to upholding.