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FIR filed against TikToker Dolly for ‘setting Margalla Hills on fire’ for a video

Netizens have been quick to point out and bring to a halt the latest weird trend that had just begun among the TikTok stars – that of setting forests on fire for the purpose of making attractive videos.

During the entire past month, a lot of TikTokers were observed setting plants and trees ablaze and then posing amidst the goldish wilderness for the mere purpose of adding a glare of its kind to their videos.

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It was when one of the most popular TikTok stars Nousheen Syed AKA Dolly followed suite for her video that netizens finally called out the trend backed by a highly negligent mindset towards the disastrous effects of climate change.

People instantly took to their respective social media accounts to school Dolly for being a careless citizen who seems to be completely oblivious to the fact that the heatwave the country is witnessing is already a result of our ignorant behaviours towards forests and the vegetation there is.

Setting trees ablaze in a weather that has already struck many owing to its unbearable heat is something that cannot be tolerated at any cost, said the people, as a result of which an action was finally taken against the star who will now have to deal with the FIR filed against her for spreading, without even realizing, something that scholars now allude to as eco-terrorism.



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