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Fire destroys 60 houses in Nagarparkar village

A devastating fire in the village Same-Ji-Weri near Nagarparkar town of Tharparkar destroyed as many as 60 houses and structures and killed 11 goats belonging to poor villagers.

Soon after the flames erupted, the residents informed the officials in Nagarparkar but they could do nothing to save the other houses from being burnt to ashes. The officials told the villagers that fire tenders were faulty so they were unable to help them in fighting the inferno. Talking to the media persons, the affected villagers said that the fire not only destroyed houses but also killed as many as 11 goats.

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Achar Gaju, Gulam Murtaza, Ali Nawaz, Ghulam Rasool, Shoukat Ali and other fire victims lamented that after the complete destruction of their houses they are now living under the open sky with no help from the government. They said that valuables, including gold, grain, and cash were reduced to ashes in the fire. The social activists of the region lashed out at the lawmakers and officials in Tharparkar for their apathetic attitude towards the increasing fire incidents and unavailability of firefighting equipment.



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