Five-Day calligraphy workshop to begin at Alhamra Arts Center

A five-day calligraphy workshop began on Monday at Alhamra Arts Center, the Mall. The workshop has been organized in connection with the Holy month of Ramadan.

Executive Director Alhamra Muhammad Saleem Saghar said calligraphy has a special place in Islamic civilization and culture; during the previous calligraphy workshop, we saw that the youth’s work is commendable, and the viewer finds himself immersed in the feelings of spirituality.

He further said that the work created in the workshop would be exhibited on Friday, the concluding day of the fifth day of the workshop.

As Pakistan is one of the countries where artists have done a great job in calligraphy, and Alhamra is continuing special efforts for the promotion and development of the art of calligraphy, in this regard, regular workshops are being organized.

Classes would also be scheduled in the summer camp under the direction of Executive Director Alhamra Saleem Saghar.

The current calligraphy workshop will continue till Friday 14th, April.