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FO underscores respect for Kabul’s sovereignty, but condemns use of Afghan soil for terrorism

The Foreign Office issued a ‘strong condemnation’ of the use of Afghan soil by terrorists to conduct terror activities in Pakistan and urged the Afghan government to take strict action against elements engaged in such acts.

In a statement on Sunday, the Foreign Office called on the Afghan government to take strict action, in the interest of peace between Pakistan and Afghanistan, against elements who conducted terror acts in Pakistan.

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The statement comes a day after the Afghan government alleged that the Pakistani military had conducted strikes inside Afghanistan, in the provinces of Kunar and Khost. Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid issued a statement on Twitter.

In response to Saturday’s statements, the Foreign Office had stated that it was investigating reports about the alleged action of Pakistani forces in Kunar and Khost, in which six people died.

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In Sunday’s statement, the Foreign Office said that Pakistan had placed repeated requests to the Afghan government over the past few months in order for the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan to be secured.

The Foreign Office added that Afghan soil was being used by terrorists to conduct terror acts inside Pakistan.

The statement added that banned terror groups, including the outlawed TTP had continued to attack security posts along Pakistan’s border. The FO stated that seven soldiers of the Pakistan Army had been martyred in North Waziristan by terrorists operating from Afghanistan on April 14.

The statement underscored Pakistan’s respect for Afghanistan’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, adding that bilateral relations would be strengthened.

On Saturday, Afghan provincial director of Information Najibullah Hassan Abdaal had alleged that five children and a woman had lost their lives in an alleged attack by Pakistani forces in Kunar and Khost.

Earlier on Friday, a Pakistani military convoy had been ambushed in North Waziristan District, leading to the martyrdom of seven Pakistani soldiers.



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