Footage of gunmen beating, robbing woman shocks Pakistan

Picture source - Reuters
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The assault and robbery of a lone woman on a street in Rawalpindi has created anger on social media. In the Waris Khan area of Rawalpindi, two gunmen attacked and assaulted a woman while she was walking down the street. The criminals ambushed the woman, subjected her to violence, and forcefully took away her belongings.

The entire incident was captured on a CCTV camera, and once the footage surfaced, the local police started raiding places to arrest the culprits.

The incident occurred in the Hukam Dada neighborhood of the Waris Khan area. The victim, a veiled woman, was on her way in the street when she was cornered by the robbers who were riding on motorcycles.

The robbers initially cornered the woman and then forcefully snatched her gold jewelry, mobile phone, and cash at gunpoint. When the woman resisted their attempts, they subjected her to physical violence, causing her distress and eventually throwing her to the ground.

The assailants managed to escape from the scene while brandishing weapons. The CCTV footage of the incident clearly shows the robbers’ aggressive behavior towards the woman and the act of robbery.

The Waris Khan Police have registered a case based on the victim’s statement and initiated an investigation into the incident. The CPO Rawalpindi has taken note of the incident and requested that SP Rawal oversee the case and ensure the immediate arrest of the suspects.