Football club player in Costa Rica died in a crocodile attack

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In the Central American country of Costa Rica, a local football club player tragically lost his life in a crocodile attack.

According to international media reports, Jesús Alberto López Arteaga, popularly known as “Chuco,” was killed in a crocodile attack in the northwestern region of Santa Cruz, Costa Rica.

Local sources say that the 29-year-old Chuco, who represented the team Deportivo Rio Cenas in the Ascenso League, was doing exercises (exercising) by the Kinca River when he unexpectedly faced the attack of a crocodile.

As per the local police, the crocodile attacked the footballer in the Kinca River, but it is not yet clear whether the footballer drowned in the river or if the crocodile attacked and dragged him into the water.

The local Red Cross also confirmed that the crocodile had taken hold of the footballer’s body, making it necessary for the police to use weapons to retrieve the body from the crocodile’s grasp.