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‘Foreign letter’ allegedly said relationship with Pakistan depends on no-trust move

Selective journalists and parliamentarians get to know content of letter

Prime Minister Imran Khan in his public gathering on March 27 said that there was a foreign conspiracy going on against his government and he has received a threatening letter.

Later, on Wednesday the government confirmed that the letter was a diplomatic cable received from a country’s mission.

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All the details and content of the letter were not made public but a group of journalists got to know about the information in the letter in a meeting with the prime minister on Wednesday.

The country from which the threat was received was not named in the discussion with the selective group of journalists. They were told that a Pakistani diplomat was told by a senior official of the specific country that they had issues with Khan’s foreign policy and his stance on Ukrainian war.

On the other hand, United States’ state department has denied and said that no US government agency or official sent the letter to Pakistan

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According to the media reports, the Pakistani diplomat was given a message that the future relationship between both the countries depended on how the no-confidence motion would turn out that had been filed by the opposition.

It is worth mentioning here that the cable was sent on March 7, just a day before the opposition submitted the no-confidence motion.



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