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Former supermodel Aaminah Haq reconnects with fans through an emotional Instagram post

One of the most sought-after models and actresses from the 90s and early 2000s, Aminah Haq bid goodbye to both the modeling and drama industry around 2012 when she shifted abroad, only to stay in touch with her admirers through a few personal social media posts.

In the start of 2022, Haq completely disappeared from Instagram as well, and it is after almost four months that she is back with a status to help explain her sabbatical and the emotional journey she took during this while. Here’s how the status of the ‘Mehndi’ fame performer went:

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“It’s been a weird few years, I left NYC in 2020 and moved upstate NY, shortly after having a hysterectomy, being furloughed from my job with no rainy day fund/savings and visiting Pakistan after almost a decade. It meant starting from scratch like I did in NYC in Aug 2012. One thing this decade has shown me is nothing is constant and life keeps evolving and moving in ways you can’t possibly foresee.”

She added, “All you can do is put your big girl pants on and go with wherever life takes you. I wish I could tell you I have evolved to some higher form of being or found the meaning of life but that isn’t true. I have good days, some awful days and some mediocre days. All you can do is continue to be who you are and walk your own true path. I have no zen answers or funny anecdotes, things happen, life happens…sometimes you laugh and sometimes you just take a moment because you just don’t have a plan B. Met some incredible people who became friends/family and lost some dear friends along the way as I evolved/adapted with every step I took.”

Haq also explained the purpose of her status in the following manner:

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“What’s the point of this silly post? It’s my attempt at being perfectly honest, that while I haven’t the foggiest idea where I’ll land or how all of this will pan out, I just keep walking and hoping wherever I’m going is where I was meant to be. All the choices I am making are my own, for better or for worse. This isn’t a pity party, it’s sharing my truth with you. Like I said this is where I am, love it, hate it or disparage it. I am sending everyone who is out there doing their own thing and having days they struggle and days they ace it a massive hug.”

She continued, “I get it, and I have nothing but love for you. We’re in this thing called life together and if this post makes you feel like you’re not alone when I’ve done something right today and shared what most of us refuse to acknowledge publicly. I don’t post a whole lot anymore as social media largely projects a false image of who we are and it’s most often hugely unrealistic. I took this picture this evening when I was incredibly sad and felt a little lost and alone but massively hopeful that I’ll find my own way and figure it out, as that’s the person I choose to be today.”



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