Former US President Donald Trump’s mugshot from Georgia Jail was made public

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The mugshot of former US President Donald Trump has been made public after he was formally booked into a jail in Atlanta on numerous criminal counts stemming from his attempts to rig the Georgia 2020 election.

The photograph, which was taken after Trump was incarcerated at Fulton County Jail with the identification number P01135809, shows him looking serious.

Donald Trump was compelled to have his picture taken, which makes this moment stand out as exceptional compared to his prior criminal trials.



Before heading back to his golf resort in New Jersey, the former president spent just 20 minutes in jail. He maintained his opinion that the charges against him, including this case, are motivated by political factors as he boarded his private plane at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport.

He claimed, in a statement to reporters, “What has happened here is a travesty of justice. Everyone knows that I did nothing wrong.”

Donald Trump, 77, is the first former president of the United States to be accused of a crime. Surprisingly, these legal issues appear to be improving rather than hurting his chances of winning the Republican Party nomination to fight Democratic incumbent President Joe Biden in the 2018 election.

Despite his legal troubles, Donald Trump continues to lead the Republican primary race. Outside the jail, his supporters gathered, including US Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Loyalists even speculated that the picture would become famous, much like the Mona Lisa, according to Laura Loomer.

A trial date for one of Trump’s co-defendants has been scheduled for October 23, although the legal proceedings are still ongoing. Eleven more people, including celebrities like Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, have already gone through processing.

Donald Trump is accused of exerting pressure on state officials and seeking to obstruct the official certification of Biden’s victory. He is facing 13 felony accusations, including racketeering. Although he insists on his innocence, these accusations provide a rare circumstance in American politics.