France doesn’t believe in hegemony or confrontation, we believe in stability

Picture source - Getty Images

French President Emmanuel Macron at Business leaders gathering on the sidelines of the APEC summit stated that France doesn’t believe in Hegemony or confrontation but in stability.

He also urged on ending confrontation and showed his will to increase France’s engagement in the Asia-Pacific region.

He argued that regional powers, such as France, that has territories abroad in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, such as Reunion, New Caledonia, and French Polynesia, should take part in development.

Macron stated, “We are in the jungle and we have two big elephants, trying to become more and more nervous. If they become very nervous and start a war it will be a big problem for the rest of the jungle. You need the cooperation of a lot of other animals: tigers, monkeys, and so on.”

He went on to say that Our Indo-Pacific strategy is how to provide dynamic balance in this environment.

Macron also added that we should concentrate on finding the best way to maintain balance and equilibrium that cannot be the hegemony or the clash of the two superpowers.

Macron stated that France was working to build an increasing consensus in order to say this war is also your problem because it will create a lot of destabilization.


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