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Free, compulsory education for all

"If current propaganda and blame game style prevails, one can't say for sure that fair and transparent elections could be held and a neutral caretaker government can be formed with mutual consultation"

On Thursday, the Supreme Court of Pakistan stopped the government from making new appointments, transferring and postings officers relating to high-profile cases.

The Supreme Court also prevents NAB and FIA from withdrawing cases. Imran Khan’s party PTI has filed a review petition against the SC order on Deputy Speaker’s ruling. People are expecting so much reverse of the prior order. In Punjab Assembly, PTI’s dissident members have lost their membership. The government’s negotiations with IMF are still in the doldrums. Alliance government wants to prolong its tenure by bringing the government machinery which suits it the most. Many want to see some cooperation between government and opposition and at least the same direction to save the country from going bankrupt.

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On the other hand, Imran Khan and the alliance government are preparing for the new general elections. Our enemy likes to see a match between the two groups out of the polls leading to anarchy. Wise people have excellent hopes for our powerful institutions. In this grave political environment, the formation of a caretaker government, early general elections, and quick announcement of their dates will be the best-suited solution. Arrangements for giving the right to vote to the Pakistanis working abroad and the use of computers and all available technology are essential aspects of the coming elections. It could be an unwritten mutual understanding and satisfaction of powerful institutions, government, and opposition regarding the procedures adopted for fair and neat elections.

Our political leadership must have that capacity and tolerance to sit together and reach some decisions regarding a peaceful democratic process. The next important thing to consider is the equal opportunity to come into the parliament for the lower-income classes. Sensible people hate the hegemony of some families in politics.

Family-owned political parties and the commercial approach of the parliamentarians have earned the public’s hatred. Fair elections are not a big problem for honest people. Fair and transparent elections might be a problem for those with many fake votes registered in their constituencies and who need to get their counterfeit votes cast by hook and crook. Affected candidates will never be agreed on simple voting procedures, and that is why I wish some attention from all important institutions to this fundamental problem.

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Rooting out corruption from the elections will root out corruption from the government machinery. Currently, the gigantic rallies of Imran Khan are the focus of government allies and powerful institutions. Credit goes to the leaders of this party for gathering such a significant number of people in this harsh weather and keeping them disciplined. While in the crowd of their followers, one can utter certain words to uphold their morals high and to show their determination. But when we see three times harshness among the government ranks, it looks like a clear challenge for the clash. Even if the general elections time is very close, political opponents are not enemies.

If we claim to work for the welfare of the people of Pakistan, we must not forget that the people having sympathies with other political parties are also Pakistani. People with one party have almost the same reasons to sympathize with their party people sympathize with other political parties. Our leaders need to show patience and care in delicate matters and keep in mind that if there are many good qualities in us, others might have them in their way and style. Politics is a means of getting power, but in democratic practices and procedures, there are so many ethics and basic rules that have to be adopted to win the public’s hearts and serve the country in a befitting manner.

Our political leadership must confess that the present worst position of our economy is only because of our harsh attitudes, consequences of which are borne by the ordinary and poor people of Pakistan. If the current propaganda and blame game style prevails, one can’t say for sure that fair and transparent elections could be held and a neutral caretaker government can be formed with mutual consultation. Political leaders make the moods of their followers and the culture and characters of the followers make the mood of leaders. An educated or at least sensible public is required for successful democracies which unfortunately we don’t have, and we cannot expect it without going through free and compulsory education for all.



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