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FTO Coordinator Meher Kashif Younis says future lies in entrepreneurship

Coordinator to Federal Tax Ombudsman and former senior vice president Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry Meher Kashif Younis, on the occassion of independence day, has said that it gives him immense pleasure to congratulate his country in completing 75 years of independence.

In his message on the 75th independence day of Pakistan, the FTO coordinator said, “Honestly, this was not easy and in the coming days everything get might more difficult but nations are made of utmost hard work and passion. You can never go wrong when you are putting your hundred percent effort in your goals. As an entrepreneur I can proudly say that future lies with entrepreneurship as we have tremendous amount of talent in our young generation and they are the ones who has to lead us.”

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He added, “Setting the examples, I have already started training my next generation including women to take the lead roles in the near future. With time, all the things in business starting from marketing strategy till production are changing rapidly and If we will not understand the importance of innovation then we might not reach to our set goals.”

Younis further said, “Innovation is the key to successful entrepreneurship for promoting business and enhancing profitability besides competing for local and global markets. The successful exploitation of new ideas is crucial to a business being able to improve its process and better the products and services to market, increase its efficiency and most importantly, enhance its profitability. Marketplaces – whether local, national, regional or global – are becoming highly competitive. As a result, competition has increased, whereas internet is offering knowledge-sharing opportunities. Innovation enhances the nature, creativity and design thinking process of a brand.”

Younis further spoke about how businesses could improve and said, “A new business could attain the height of success by learning the steps of creativeness. He said it could open the doors of various opportunities by helping the business keep up with the trends, as it also helps grow your business manifolds with a better range of products. We need to work together and use the skills within our communities to build a strong, diverse and sustainable business. We also need to get better at clearly communicating how climate change will affect us, if we don’t reduce our carbon dioxide emissions, reduce global warming and clean up our land and the ocean.”

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Regarding the country’s future, he stated, “For our country’s future it is very important for us to understand the importance of stability and global warming or else the artificial weather changes will put us all in grave danger. Pakistan should work on increasing multilateral trade with its neighbors and try to work on the foreign policy as well.”

He added, “Whenever as a businessman, I travel and meet different people in foreign countries, I have to firstly bust many myths related to Pakistan. My role as a businessman changes into an image builder and I spend a lot of time in telling people how much Pakistani economy is evolving and whatever they hear about my country through western media is just propaganda.”

The FTO coordinator stated that the whole world was right now running on business diplomacy because everyone knew they had to get into that international coalition which was generating more business. “If we cannot stabilize our economy, we cannot attract countries to do business with us,” he said.

He additionally stated, “Our business model has a new slogan now, ‘Made in Pakistan’, and that all the products were for export. Many of our neighbors are self-sufficient in energy; we should definitely explore our cheap energy options.  Many other regional players can help us in different industrial set-ups. The biggest issue of Pakistan at the moment is lack of governance that comes with political stability.”

All political parties should try to make short-term plans related to food, energy and border security, he advised, adding, “That’s how we can grow as a nation.”

Younis further said that he wanted to thank all the people of our nation who had contributed in the successful projects of our country for 75 years. “We are proud of our doctors, engineers, teachers, entrepreneurs, security forces and all of the institutes who have always put Pakistan first and tried their best to do good for the nation,” he said.

He concluded, “On this Independence Day I will make a special prayer for the people of my country to get all the success because this nation deserves the best of all. We have got Pakistan after thousands of sacrifices and it is as a nation our duty to save the best for our next generation.”



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