G20 summit: Saudi Arabia and Egypt will not attend summit in Srinagar

Earlier, China and Turkiye opt out of participating in G20 summit

Picture source - Reuters

India’s conspiracy to legalize the occupation by holding a controversial G20 meeting in occupied Kashmir has failed, as now Saudi Arabia and Egypt also refused to come to Srinagar for the summit.

India’s Tourism Secretary Arvind Singh told the media in Delhi yesterday that among the G20 countries, China, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia have not yet confirmed their participation in the meeting.

“Egypt, which was specially invited, also did not register to participate,” he said.

It is to be noted that a three-day meeting of the G-20 Working Group is starting in occupied Srinagar from today.

In occupied Kashmir, there will be a complete strike on both sides of the line of control today against the G-20 meeting.

Earlier, China refused to participate in the G-20 tourism summit in the disputed area of occupied Kashmir, expressing serious reservations.

“China strongly opposes India’s call for a G20 meeting in the disputed territory of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and will not participate in any such meeting,” a Foreign Office spokesman said.

India is hosting the G20 summit this year, and from May 22 to May 24 in Srinagar.


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